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You’ll wonder how you ever managed without these clever products

Use this portable waste bag in conjunction with the grabbing tool. Both with ergonomic features

Ergonomic: less bending and lifting

Portable waste bag is made of oxford canvas with rugged plastic bottom; two long carry handles facilitate dragging over grass, and rough surfaces such as asphalt or cement. Ideal for beach or golf course clean up! Collapses for storage. 30 gal capacity - use with or without (50gal) liner. Bottom drainage holes make rinsing out easy. (blue recycle bagger also available)

Grabber - Comfortable grip with trigger pull action /magnetic tip grabs even the smalles items; opens up to 5 inches. Lightweight aluminum shaft (24/32/36” lengths) is designed to decrease fatigue. Also use indoors to reach high items or behind desks.












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