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know your voltage when ordering electrical equipment

A frequent cause of electrical equipment failure within the first year of usage is due to incompatible electrical requirements between what equipment is designed to operate on and what is available at the installation site.

What can happen when an incompatible hookup occurs?
If the equipment is 220-240v and is connected on a 208v line, you'll loose approximately 20% efficiency, slowing down preheat times and recovery times in ovens, steam generators and hot holding equipment. If you use 208v on a 220-240v line, you'll boost the wattage by approximately 25%. This overload greatly reduces operational life and can even burnout heating elements and fan motors. Some units will not work at all.

Consult your in-house electric utility specialist, electrical contractor or facility electrical prints if in doubt about what kind of voltage your kitchen has. A manufacturer's equipment specification sheet may indicate equipment has dual electrical capability. This does not mean you can randomly hook up your service line. The equipment must have the electrical connection made in a specific way in order to operate either on 208v or 240v (which services voltages in the 220 or 240v range).

Confirm correct voltage before ordering and installation.