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ourproducts: telescopic poles and tools for cleaning

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Modular telescopic pole gives you the flexibility of 6’-30’ lengths

6’ base pole plus four 6’sections. Reaches higher than 30’ ( 30’pole length plus your height)

Compatible with a wide selection of problem-solving accessories/tools including:

Bendable duster 36”L - clean hard to reach areas (under furniture, around corners etc.). Flat (non-bendable duster) also available; great for tight/narrow spaces. Dusters come with washable microfiber sleeve plus disposable sleeves (similar to a Swifter sleeve)

Ceiling fan duster with washable microfiber sleeve

Light bulb changers (for a variety of bulbs including floodlights/flat bulbs & broken bulbs)

Bendable wall brush (horsehair bristles & HD galvanized wire) for cleaning rough surfaces, cobwebs

Cobweb duster brush attracts dust etc.; for cleaning ceilings, moldings, corners


Customize your own window washing accessories, or we’ll help you get started with a window cleaning kit, including scrubber/stripwasher, squeegee handles & rubber blades, and scraper



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