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do youknow? stainless steel flatware


There are important distinctions to make when selecting stainless flatware including materials. All stainless contains some chrome, which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.

Economical flatware is 18/0 (18% chrome). 18/8 flatware contains 18% chrome and 8% nickel. The blend of chrome plus nickel provides superior resistance to corrosion, pitting or staining; 18/8 flatware will also have a brighter, more lustrous finish.

A simple test for
18/8 utilizes
a magnet:

a magnet will NOT
react to
18/8 chrome stainless,
but it will react to
18/0 stainless metal.

Care and Handling

Whether you select an economical or finer grade of stainless, proper care and handling is critical to its service life (longevity) and appearance. Even the finest stainless will suffer if certain foods, (e.g. eggs, acids) are not removed immediately after use. Presoak your stainless flatware immediately following removal from the table in a plastic or stainless steel pan — never use an aluminum pan as this can contribute to discoloration of stainless steel. After presoaking, wash your stainless in hot water and a good nonabrasive cleaning agent. Rinse in water of at least 180 degrees.

When using a low-temperature dishwasher, take special care in following the manufacturer's instructions; if an excessive amount of the sanitizer, the chlorine, is put on the flatware and left on too long, the finish can be damaged.