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do youknow?

how to select the correct caster

Providing us with the information requested below will help us identify your best option(s):

1. What type of equipment are you using the casters on? (indicate if being used in abnormal temperatures or with chemicals/solvents)

2. Rigid and/or swivel? Brakes? Wheel diameter desired (or should we recommend?) Tread width in inches? Is there a height limitation?

3. Floor surface (concrete surfaces, finished/polished floors, asphalt roads, wood/decking, grass, etc.)

4. The reason for the change , if applicable (ease of movement, noise, floor damage, etc.); is noise a factor?

5. Is this a new installation or are you replacing existing casters -- if replacing casters, how are they mounted (stem or plate) and the dimensions, plate size & hole spacing, stem diameter, thread size, overall height.

6. What load is required? (is this in 2 casters or 4 casters?)

7. Is appearance a factor? Are industrial casters acceptable or do you require decorative casters (eg for bellman's carts)?

8. Do you wish to replace the wheels only? If so please provide the diameter and tread width of the wheel as well as the hub length (the distance from side to side where the bearing is), the bearing type, the axle diameter, the type of wheel and the capacity needed.