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Here's a breakdown of some of the important properties of plastic and acrylic.

A clear material with excellent optical properties that make it almost better than glass. Acrylic is hard and relatively scratch resistant.

A hard opaque material that has high heat resistance and will not melt, making it suitable for dinnerware.

A material that looks like acrylic, but is softer and scratches more easily. Although it has moderate chemical resistance, it can cloud or discolor as a result of prolonged exposure to citric acid.

A material with excellent chemical and heat resistance that is difficult to crack or break. Polypropylene is relatively soft, scratches more easily than acrylic or styrene and has a frosted/milky appearance.

A material that is unbreakable, will not crack or cloud, is microwave/dishwasher safe, heat and impact resistant, will not discolor. Polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass and airplane windows.